Five frames showing a time lapse of a tree removal. Less and less branches as they are cut off and lowered down safely by a rope.

Tree Removal

Like all living things, trees have a natural lifespan. A tree's lifespan can be cut short when natural events damage the tree and a full removal is the safest option. Dead or dying trees should be attended to as soon as possible to determine if they should be cut down. Problems to look for are cracks, seams, dead branches, rot and decay.

There are also times when the tree is not suitable for the area it is in. If the tree is in an area that poses a risk, it may need to be taken down despite of its health.

Deciding whether or not to remove a tree can be a tough decision. We can help you make that decision. With years of experience, we can assess if a removal is necessary to protect your family and property, or if another option is available. We want to help. Our skilled climber and feller can remove a tree in even the tightest spots.

The second half of the tree removal time lapse. The trunk gets smaller and smaller until there is no more tree.

Storm Clean Up and Tree Risk Assessment

Here in Whatcom County, heavy rain, wind storms, and snowfall can devastate your trees and your landscaping. We provide storm clean up including fallen trees and limbs. Safety is our highest priority and we have an extremely skilled crew that can remove trees in sticky situations.

We want to help keep your family, neighbors and property safe from falling branches and tree trunks. We would love to come and give you a free estimate as we look at potential hazards so you are prepared when the next storm hits.

Picture of JJ's midsection as he is getting his rigging sorted out for a safe and busy day working in a tree.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a broad category that is known by several other names: thinning, pruning, wind sailing, deadwooding, balancing, shaping, etc. While tree trimming has many names, the goal is the same, to make your trees safe, healthy and last for years to come. In the Pacific Northwest, trees can quickly become overgrown, unhealthy or too dense. All of these can make a tree harder to maintain and keep healthy and can decrease the aesthetic value of your property. Trees, like other plants, if not maintained, can get a bit out of control.

A properly pruned tree is a thing of beauty. While different species of tree have similarities in the way that they are pruned, every tree and situation is unique. We will meet with you and individually evaluate each tree. Then, after we have talked about the health of the tree and all of your options, we will make a plan and get movin’. We utilize the latest and safest roping techniques as safety and quality are our top priorities.

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